Utilizing the STS composite approach, the MSTCVS Quality Collaborative has combined all our sites’ data as if it were one institution.  This approach allows our quality collaborative to see opportunities for improvement. Michigan has achieved the highest rating, 3 stars, since 2009.

STS Isolated CABG Composite Quality Rating – Michigan Adult Cardiac Surgery Programs

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
 Overall Score
 Avoidance of Mortality
  Avoidance of Morbidity1
 Use of IMA

1 Includes re operations, post op renal failure, post of deep sternal wound infections, prolonged ventilation and post op CVA.
2 Includes pre op beta blocker, discharge beta blocker, discharge anti lipids and discharge antiplatelets.

Overall, Michigan’s performance is significantly higher than the STS mean based on 99% Bayesian probability.

The MSTCVS Quality Collaborative and adult cardiac surgery programs in Michigan are committed to transparency and reporting of health care quality and outcomes. Be sure to check out Michigan ratings on our Hospital Reported STS Ratings and the STS Composite Star Ratings.